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Internet Generated New Client Leads for Your Business  

Q How does your company get these leads?

A We specialize in internet marketing. Many of our inquiries are generated from the internet. We have paid advertisements that run on many different search engines. We also bring in leads from relationships with insurance adjusters.

Q How do you forward the leads to my company?

A The leads will come to you as a regular phone call, to the phone number that you specify. We also send a text message to any number of cell phone numbers that you specify. The text messages are delivered in real-time.

Q Do you sell the same lead to more than one company?

A No! Only one company will be given a lead. The lead is yours and will not be sent to anyone else.

Q What options are there for targeting leads geographically?

A We can target leads by county.

Q Is there a long term commitment or contract?

A No. You can decide to stop advertising at any time. We just ask that any outstanding bills be paid upon closing your account.

Q Can I start with a small trial basis?

A Yes.

Q What payment options do you have?

A We now only accept credit card payments. Your credit card will be billed each week for the prior seven days.

Q How much do leads cost?

A Water Damage Leads are $375. Mold mitigation Leads are $125. Some highly competitive cities may require slightly higher lead prices.

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